Why Indian Courts Require more Holidays

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Petitioning: Supreme Court / High Court / Court

Petitioner: Kiran started on March 28, 2015

Vacationing may very well help you rejuvenate yourself. It may very well give your sagging spirits a boost. But it is still prima facie unreasonable for their Lordships of the Indian Judiciary, the hallowed law keepers of the land, to go on long vacations even as the number of pending cases before them sky rocket!

Does the Court not realise how long cases are being dragged even in the normal course of things? Adding a vacation delay is simply unconscionable.
It is time their Lordships themselves gave up on their little privileges to serve the causes of justice better.
Court judges surely don’t need longer vacations than your average school kids.


Many people don’t know that the Supreme Court of United States does not have a yearly vacation. Although the hearing sittings are limited to a few months during the rest of the year, the judges are ‘at work’, researching the cases before them, holding conferences, etc. And during the few months that available to pronounce judgments they dispose of entire dockets of cases.

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