Tips for Effective Petition Writing

Online Petitions give you a change to stand firm and create a voice against social odds and causes that affects us. To get the full advantage from your petition you should be very well focused and explanatory, otherwise it will not solve your purpose and also will not attract other to support your voice.

You need to keep few points in mind while writing a petition and most important, you put together your petition very properly. Make sure you consider each one of the points given below:

The Writing Technique:

  • Choose most appropriate "Title" for your petition, because title is the first sentence which everybody will see while browsing petitions.
  • You should properly know the cause you are writing petition for, always think twice before start writing.
  • When you are ready with above the start writing but write clearly and concisely, because number you followers depends on the clarity of the cause they going to support.
  • Double check spelling and proofread to become a serious and professional petitioner.
  • Be polite and focused, avoid using highly offensive words and never use abusive language.

Publicizing Petitions

  • Use the power of email, blogs, chat rooms and forums to publicize your cause. Send your petition URL to your friends and colleagues.
  • Use the power of social sites like Facebook, Orkut etc, these are the most cheap and easy options to spread your voice.
  • Use petition URL link for link-exchange purpose and using links on your exiting sites (if any).
  • Get media coverage; get the power of advertising and marketing which also includes local news paper, radio stations and internet news sites.