Need law to trace stolen mobile on the basis of IMEI No. by service providers

  13 (Goal: 1,000)

Petitioning: Service providers should check & declair the stolen mobile IMEI No.monthly basis

Petitioner: Vvishnu started on May 20, 2009

Last year my Mobile was snatched from my hand by two thieves’ came on bike when I was walking on lonely street, I done the investigation on the basis of call done by thief. Even I recognized the thief’s face when we gone to their address but police not able to put any case on the basis of available proofs. There after we given applications through police dept. to all service providers to check IMEI No. (International mobile equipment identity number) if some one puts their company’s sim card. (All service providers get IMEI number when some one puts their sim card)
Number of times I gone to this service providers but not received any information as well as support.

There are around 120 cases of above type were registered in Nashik city in two months only, but actual may be more.

The thieves are finding it is very easy to stole the mobile & sell it in the market, as the service providers can easily trace the stolen mobile on the basis of IMEI No., but lack of their support this type of incidences were increased.

So we need to put pressure to make a law for finding stolen mobile IMEI No. & also we need to ensure even after providing information on stolen mobile to service providers if they allows to use their sim card the service provider should get some punishment.


Vishnu VP