Implement blanket ban on retail giants from Indian markets

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Petitioning: All Indian citizens

Petitioner: Solidarity started on July 11, 2009

Implement blanket ban on retail giants from Indian markets


Dr Manmohan Singh

Hon.ble Prime Minister of India

Sub: To implement blanket ban on retail giants from Indian markets.

We hereby express our deep concern for 20 million people who earn their daily bread from retail trade sector of India and their many million dependents whose lives are severely threatened by the entry of retail giants. We strongly support the findings of Parliamentary Committee and their recommendation to have a blanket ban on retail giants.

We are shocked to listen the Economic Survey recommendation of the Planning Commission to remove all restrictions on multinational corporations who march towards the Indian Retail sector. As the finding of the Parliamentary Committee, the entry of domestic retail giants itself have already caused displacement of many employees in the sector. Then what would be the situation when the MNCs are also getting in?

We believe that pooling of food grains and essential commodities resulting in price hike is another major hazard which occurs due to the monopoly of retail giants. In long run it will affect the farmers also.

So we request you to stop and discard the entire move to open Indian retail market to Multinational Corporations and to restrict large scale domestic players.

We hope that you will take some sincere steps in this regard and thus saving the largest employment sector of the country after agriculture.

Thanking You,

With Regards,

Solidarity Youth Movement, Kerala
representing concerned citizens of India.