Police the Police

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Petitioning: Judiciary

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 7, 2009

According to statistics, the topper in the list of Human Rights violators in the state of Himachal Pradesh is non other thanthe POLICE! Himachal Pradesh's Human Rights Commission received 148 complaints involving police in the past year which is 43% of the total complaints about human rights violation. More or less the same story continues in other states, and every year. This is really appalling that police department which is supposed to be saviour of the people from miscreant and disruptive forces is itself indulging into such activities. Police is earning a very bad name for themselves, and if such incidents continue, no common man will trust the department anymore. Already the trust levels are low. The higher ups in the police department need to look after the discipline of their subordinates. Bringing to book a few failing policemen would go a long way in both, setting an example for others to refrain from becoming law-breakers, and also it'll instill the long lost faith of common man in the Indian police.