Who will protect civilians if not cops ??

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Petitioning: Slothful Delhi Police

Petitioner: Sangs started on August 21, 2016

This petition is against Delhi Police and their laziness.
I had always heard about cases where when someone loses their mobiles and reports to police eight out of ten times an FIR is never filed. Its too much work for them obviously so why would they bother after all its just a cell phone.
Nearly 522 people became victims of different crimes everyday in 2015 in the capital, of which 151 were victimized on the streets, data released by the Delhi Police said on Monday.In 2015, the city police solved only 27% of the total registered cases,has anyone ever thought what happens to the other cases. How can a common man get justice in this city.
On 31st December 2015, my house was robbed inside a gated community, a so called well maintained complex in West Delhi Dwarka while my husband & myself were away from home. When you live in apartments with full time guards and are paying hefty maintenance charges monthly you expect some kind of security. When we returned home we found the door lock broken and jewellery and cash worth half a crore looted. It took three phone calls and one hour for the cops to reach who clearly said being New year's eve they are busy with policing around city roads and clubs. When the world was getting ready to welcome the new year we were in shock and trauma realising everything that we earned and bought for our future has disappeared from our own house within hours. Now its going to be eight months since that incident, we have stopped living in our own house since it brings back tears and sadness. It took us more than a week to get the FIR number from cops. There are thousands of questions we have till date which are unanswered. If this crime was done by a gang of thieves then how did they know out of 80 houses in the apartment that ours is the one they need to target. If its somebody known why the police never did any investigation, why did they never reached out to neighbours, family members to try to find the culprit. I am not asking them to bring back everything they lost neither am i saying it wasn't our fault that we kept so much at home instead of keeping in bank lockers. All I am asking is why do they exist if they can't even do basic investigation. It wasn't a small amount that we lost - its half a crore, it took ages and handwork to earn all that. I just fail to understand the laziness of our judicial system, I am amazed at the response of the investigating officer who advised us there is no value of human life today, we have lost money and jewellery if we live we can make more !!! I request each one of you who have been robbed of their hard earned belongings and never got any assistance from Delhi Police to help me increase awareness.