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Petitioner: VISHWANATHAN started on June 19, 2016

Hello Friends,
I am a 42 years individual, I started smoking in 1993 and left completely in Jan 2016. Now I feel much energetic and healthy. My sincere thanks to brother in LAW who introduced me to Vaping. I have not smoked a single Cigarette since I have stated Vaping.
It is sad that the State Governments have started to ban E Cigarettes. In my view every Citizen of India has the Right to Health, he has the right to switch to a healthier alternative. Being a smoker I am well aware that Smoking is a very stubborn habit and had to Quit but when much healthier options are available why people are forced to return to Smoking.
I have filed several RTI's with the Goverment of India, and the information received states that there has been no research pertaining to Vaping or E Cigarettes but we all aware of the deadly effects of smoking. Millions of people dies due to smoking related diseases, on the other hand Government's are spending millions of Public Money on Cancer prevention and awareness. Researches carried out in UK and US suggests that Vaping is not as harmful as traditional Cigarettes. In US the smoking trend has come down almost 20%in the past decade, I do not say it is due to Vaping( introduced in US in 2009 ) but it may be one of the reasons. The least harmful chemical in Cigarette smoke is Nicotine, whereas the most harmful ingredient of Vape Liquid is nicotine. Cigarette smoke contains more than 400 cancer causing chemicals, but there is no such evidence in Vaping. " Is there a hidden motive for the ban i.e saving cigarette industry???"
Governments are arguing that Vaping may lead youngster towards smoking or nicotine dependence !!!!! My question is why anyone would spend hundreds or thousands to get a nicotine product, when it is easily available in 3-5 rupees in every nook and corner of our Country. Further Governments have no evidence or statistics to support their claim. Spending on vaping implies that the individual wants a healthier alternative than the present one.
Ingredients of Vape Liquids are Vegetable glycerine( used in food products, termed safe by FDA), Propylene Glycol( used as antifreeze agents in food products, termed safe by FDA) and Nicotine extract.
My appeal from the Government's is that sale and use of Vaping Kits/e Cigarettes should be regulated and not banned. Total ban may lead individuals to revert back to Smoking, which is more deadly to oneself and the society. Further Rampant "BANS" should be avoided, specially when there is no hardcore evidence or research.
Please support my cause and help Smokers to Quit.

Jai Hind