Refund of money from Cosmic structures Ltd

  40 (Goal: 50)

Petitioning: Cosmic Structures Ltd, SFIO, PMO, Govt of India

Petitioner: Dhirendra started on September 20, 2016

We have booked office shop in Cosmic structures Ltd with an sole objective to have our own space for generating our livelihood between 2010-2013. As per MOU construction was supposed to be completed by 2015 and possession was supposed to be given to us by March 2015. As per MOU between us and Cosmic Structures Ltd we were supposed to get assured returns at the rate of 12.5% on monthly basis for making advance payment till the possession of our booked shops. We have given all advance payment with sole objective for getting our own space to carry on our livelihood comfortably once the possession is given to us. However Cosmic Structures Ltd had not even completed 10% of construction till now and for more than 1 and half year entire construction work has been stopped. further Cosmic Structures Ltd has stopped giving us assured returns from April 2015 onwards. On pursual of this matter with Cosmic from April 2015 we are repeatedly merely getting assurance for initiating construction and reinstating assured returns with new deadlines every time which they never abide with. Now the Company has raised their hands up and are not ready our money back. on the contrary they have floated money in other business without even fulfilling current commitments. This is a serious offence committed by Cosmic Structures Ltd which is absolute mockery of entire judicial system. In this regard we have individually given a complain to EOW Delhi, But as nothing concrete action has yet been initiated. Not even chargesheet has been filed as if now. We therefore request Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of law Goverment of India to take cognizance of the matter and to ensure our hard core paid money gets refunded or else it would be real painful and difficult situation for us to ensure our livelihood for days to come.