No action on my House Tax revision petion with Vizianagaram Municipality

  3 (Goal: 200)

Petitioning: The Commissioner, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India

Petitioner: Venkayya started on January 25, 2015

I have filed a Tax revision petition with The Commissioner, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh on 04-08-2014 as the authorities are charging house tax @ Rs.6000/-(Rupees Six thousands) instead of Rs.840/- for my house. I went and met the concerned Revenue Inspector not less than 100 times and requested over phone to revise the Tax. Still there is no action still date and even for my several requests and reminders, they charged Rs.6000/- as usual

Hence I request you to co-operate in this matter

Plot No. 21
PSR Colony
Near Parrk
Vizianagaram - 535002
Andhra Pradesh