Land Dispute of Sector 107 Home buyers

  689 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: Home Builders / Noida Authority / Judiciary / UP Government / Central Government

Petitioner: MANISH started on March 23, 2015

About Us
Sector 107 Noida is a group housing sector where 4000+ residential apartments (across multiple builders like Amarapali Heart Beat City, Great Value Sharnam & Lotus 300 to name a few) where construction has come to a standstill due to illegal land acquisition. Flat buyers have paid up to 70-95 percent of the amount to the builders for their dream homes with no clarity from either the judiciary or the government about the future of this project.

Apathy towards home buyers:

Flat owners in Noida have been left high and dry by Noida Authority with no resolution in sight. Apartments bought from various builders in Sector-107 in Noida are left incomplete since the land acquisition has been declared illegal by the Supreme Court. Owners are now in the unenviable position of not only paying EMIs to banks for loans on houses which have been indefinitely delayed. Accordingly buyers are left with no other option than to carry the burden of both high rent and EMIs.

The Supreme Court in August 2013, declared the land acquisition illegal. However it was only brought to public attention when the Allahabad High Court passed a judgment in June, 2014. Construction in the housing project first slowed down and then completely stopped. Owners were kept in the dark about these developments with no notice given by either Noida Authority or the builders. RTIs filed were ignored and those answered were diverted to different departments.

While the builders have filed a review petition with the Supreme Court, the decision has been deferred by the court for the last 6 months. With 70-95% of the money for flats being paid up, the builders are sitting pretty while the owners are not only paying rent for the houses they live in but also high EMIs for flats that are never going to see the light of day.

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