Justice for Asifa

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Petitioning: Justice for Asifa

Petitioner: Gurjot singh brar started on April 14, 2018

Justice for Asifa

How many more children like baby Asifa will be sacrificed at the intersect of religion & politics? How many more children will have to suffer unimaginable crimes before we wake up? It’s time for swift action. We owe it to Asifa and to humanity.

what goes through the mind of an 8 yr old as she is drugged, held captive, gang raped over days and then murdered. If you don’t feel her terror, you are not human. If you don’t demand Asifa get justice, you belong to nothing.

How can someone protect culprits... hanging them.. a death in minute won’t be justice to innocent baby’s soul. They deserve harder punishment.. we couldn’t save baby Asifa but she deserves justice and let us all get that for her..

#justiceforAsifa #indiangovernment #babyAsifa