Fun of legal system,Car parking in common passage,Police inaction/Protection

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Petitioning: Flat owners park their vehicle to the allotted parking and follow society bylaws

Petitioner: PIYUSH N PATHAK started on September 13, 2015

Fun of legal system,Car parking in common passage,Police inaction/Protection

Reference: Unauthorized parking in the society premises by Mr Ratan Lal Amo Mob No 9969226428 Resident Flat no 101.Shivnandan CHS Sector 20 Belapur CBD,Navi Mumbai 400614

Sir, For the past two and half year, one of our society member ,Mr Ratan Lal Amo flat no 101 is parking his vehicle in the passage which is blocking entry and exit of other resident's vehicle. One of affected resident complained through Aaple Sarkar Portal. The police intervened and instructed offending person, not to park his vehicle in common passage, further the police has given a written order to the society secretary to maintain common passage use as per by laws of the society. Accordingly a meeting was conducted on 28.08.2015 and necessary resolution was passed to maintain lawful use of passage. Since the entry of offending party’s vehicle was restricted to park his vehicle in common passage,(however, access to his allotted parking was kept open for him) he has parked his vehicle in the middle of gate restricting/obstructing entry/exit of other residents. The gate of society could not be closed from 08.09.2015 which leads to security threat. The NRI police have denied further intervention in the society matter and offending party is not ready to follow by laws or rules of the society.This keep us helpless.

Sir, since the offending party has exhausted all its resources/options to pressurize us to park his vehicle in common passage, now he is threatening to lodge complaint against us under SC ST Act to settle the score.

Sir, being a law abiding citizen, we like to live peacefully but his rude and unbending nature make it difficult for us to go and talk to him directly, and hence leaves me incapable to resolve the issue on my own.Since police is not ready to help,this petition is required to bring back normalicy in our society.

Hence, I request you to look into the matter and help us to resolve the issue.
P N Pathak Mob 7710091226/8689895470