Crystal Clear Police

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Petitioning: Ministry of Home Affairs

Petitioner: Aditya Gokhale started on April 16, 2018

Need of Crystal Clear Police is the most important thing India needs today..!
As being in the United States of America, i learned how bribes can be stopped 100% with a one time investment.!
Here is the solution to stop bribery by the Law Enforcement Officers (Police) in India:

1) Every single officer, hawaldar, etc who is ON DUTY, have to have an audio recording device running on his uniform at all times.

2) If an officer or hawaldar is working 8 hours in a day, he has to submit 8 hours of audio recordings at work while going Off duty.

3) If any officer/hawaldar fails to submit his audio recording of the same hours he/she worked, for example, if officer worked for 8 hours and submits recording of only 7 hours, it will be charged by his suspension.

4) This needs a pilot test in major cities but a rule has to be passed first and this has to be done by the Ministry of Home Affairs.