Working Mothers Child's School admission is Rejected

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Petitioning: Everyone who Believes that Working Mothers child is same as Stay at home Moms

Petitioner: MotherofaChild started on January 25, 2018

To all Mothers in India

Looking for your support as recently came across of something very wrong in kids school admissions process.
Certain school reject the admission to kids whos mothers are working stating that who will look after the studies and homework of the kid.
I wonder if all the teaching staff of the school is male oriented or women who don't have kids.
In todays generation we daily talk about women empowerment and that women are no less than man. But on the other hand the school which is know as the basic foundation of a child and which has a very crucial impact on the future and growth have some strict rules and regulation as kids will be on probation period and if their or their parents Behavior, Cleanliness ,disciple is not up to the mark the child will be dismissed.

I want all to be united and come together to avoid admissions in such schools.
While we think of our kids future we are giving in something which is very tragic and dangerous i.e.our future.