Provide Equal Opportunities for Nursery Admissions

  2 (Goal: 1,000)

Petitioning: New Delhi High Court and Schools

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 3, 2009

Grading system for parents of kids seeking admissions in nursery, enforced on New Delhi schools, is unfair for parents. They are being graded on the basis such trivial and redundant factors as their house's distance from school, transport facilities, educational background of parents, employment status of both parents, etc. This in turn directly affects the chances of admission of the kids to the schools of parent's choice. I am not against judging home atmosphere and parents before deciding the child's admission, but giving/denying some kid admission on the such trivial grounds is ridiculous. Neither am I in the favour of rigorous academic tests of small kids. Let the schools come up with ways/tests (which are already available in market) for judging intelligence, social and emotional quotient of parents and children and then base their decisions on something more concrete than distance from school and educational background of parents. Those who support this case, I urge you to request Delhi administration in reviewing such a guideline or at least justifying it very clearly how such rudimentary criteria are going to benefit the children.