Request Schools to Lesser the Burden of School-bags

  6 (Goal: 1,000)

Petitioning: Schools

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 3, 2009

Is it not with a jaw-dropping surprise with which we see the school-going children carry those school-bags, which makes them look more like labourers than school-going kids? We all get nostalgic about how less weight we had to carry when we were kids. But when it comes to our own child we hardly bother to check the weight of that bag he/she is carrying. Instead of just educating them we are burdening them too! All this rigour of school-bag, homework, punishments, etc. makes children dislike the school. More so it does physical harm to the backbone and posture of the children. Hence, this request to all the schools to help reduce as much burden as possible from the shoulders of India's future. A quick solution could be giving children individual lockers in school to store all their stationary and academic material.