Voice against arrear fees

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Petitioning: Pressure of arrear fees by govt. Of NCT of Delhi, directorate of education

Petitioner: Kjia started on December 16, 2017

The Parents of children studying in Delhi schools have been very disturbed over the issue of arbitrary increase in the school fee announced recently by the school management. The parents of many schools had a discussion with school authorities and have discussed the matter with all sincerity and seriousness.

It is felt that the proposed fee hike is unreasonable and needs to be looked into taking following into consideration:

Advisory issued by the District administration to school management:

Schools to defer the increase of fees and collection

Schools to invite all parents for complete discussion with facts and figures transparently.

Schools to submit Form 6 and display their last audited balance sheet for parents to have understanding of their financial health.
Few Other Facts and concerns:

The school fee in 2004 was Rs.10000 approx. per quarter and in the present year is more than Rs.24000 approx per quarter which translates into an increase of 240%.

School has not only increased the fees by almost 240% but has also increased the Students: Teacher ratio from 1:20 to 1:30+ which effectively translates into 360%+ increase in revenue for the school in past few years

The salary hike of teachers is for all schools irrespective of their fee being Rs1000/- or Rs10000/- p.m. across the country but no where the hike is so steep.

Delhi High Court ruling and Delhi Govt. guidelines to restrict the fees to not to be increased by more than 500

The increase of Rs.1500/- p.m for 1600 students translates to Rs. 24,00,000/- per month. Not taking into account the fresh admissions.

For 175 teachers this increase translates to Rs. 13,714/- per month per teacher irrespective of their grades.

The average increase in salary of teachers over the old pay scale is only 30 % approx and not 70% as stated in the circular.

Additional fee is charged for sports & Music by school which is Rs800/- to 1000/- per month. Which never gets accounted for?

School bus fees is around Rs1500 per month and that can't be even accounted for less

The Bus fee in the last four years has also been increased from a Rs1900 approx per quarter to Rs4500 per quarter.