Unfair CBSE- Indian education system

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Petitioning: CBSE and Narendra Modi ji

Petitioner: Harsh Dutt started on March 28, 2018

Unfair CBSE- Indian education system

Respected authorities,

This petition is against the unfair education system in India #Cbse.

They have adopted irrelevant and stupid policies without seeking any reason. The examination system was changed to full syllabus and CCE pattern was reovedr, but for just one batch 2017-18 ? Why?? Any reason? Is these your good days modi ji?

Being irresponsible in their approach they got their papers leaked and now students have to suffer for it by re appearing for exam? Why so? Aren't we humans? How the hell can you expect teens to study again and again the same thing and get their hard work all wasted? No way!!! We need a change! Please do the possible thing, and do not conduct a re exam, instead punish the punishables!

Yours faithfully