“Trying to Save a Year by the Already Approved Verdict by ACADEMIC COUNCIL 2016.

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Petitioning: This is for the student's who are losing a year with various reason in degree.

Petitioner: Varsha Venkatesh started on January 22, 2018

“Trying to Save a Year by the Already Approved Verdict by ACADEMIC COUNCIL 2016.

“Trying to Save a Year by the Already Approved Verdict by ACADEMIC COUNCIL 2016, Yet Not Applied by BANGALORE UNIVERSITY Shows the Negligence Towards Students"

The present rules that Bangalore University follow regarding the examination patterns for Undergraduate and Postgraduate are: Odd semester's (1,3 & 5) exams that take place in the month of November & December and even semester’s (2,4 & 6) exams that take place in the month of May & June. It is mandatory for a student to have 75% of attendance in each subject to write any paper. The largest concern faced here is students in the first semester have two opportunities to appear for a re-examination in the third and fifth semesters. Those in the second semester also get two opportunities in the third and fifth semesters. Students studying in the third and fourth semesters have one chance each at a re-examination in the fifth and sixth semester, respectively. There was, however, no provision for students of the fifth and sixth semester to take the re-examination without losing a year.

‘Undergraduate students at Bangalore University, who fail their fifth semester examination, will no longer have to wait an entire year to take a re-examination. They can now appear for the re-exam in the sixth semester itself, starting this year. This decision was approved in the Academic Council meeting on 29 Tuesday 2016. “Speaking to Deccan Herald after the meeting, university’s Registrar (Examinations) K N Ningegowda said, “This is a historic decision and will prevent an entire year getting wasted. Students would otherwise have to wait for the whole year and during this time, they may not be able to get employment or pursue higher studies.”

Even though the rule was approved long back yet BANGALORE UNIVERSITY has taken no interest to apply and follow them. The intension of making rule of saving a year has lost its essence after approval by not making a change in the current academic system. Re-Examination pattern should be started for fifth and sixth semester in order to facilitate employment or pursue higher studies. “We want Bangalore University to take an immediate action on already approved decision from the Academic Council,2016. We want to see its impact in 2018 for Even semester itself.”