Stop Cow Slaughter

  374 (Goal: 1,000)

Petitioning: Government

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on April 3, 2009

India has a rapid rise in slaughter houses of cows from about 350 to 36,000 in span of thirty years.This is the official number.Don't know what is unofficial number.

The highly merchandised of the slaughter houses employ inhuman process and torturous way of getting meat and skin. The animals agonies start long before they are dead. Standards and facilities used for tranportation, accomodation, safekeep, disease prevention, etc. are pathetic. More so they are tortured to even move around.

They are maimed to get a 'certificate' can be obtained about their uselessness. The hunger and thirst of four days cause the hemoglobin to move from blood in to fat. The meat with higher hemoglobin fetches better prices. This cows and buffaloes are made 'fit' for slaughter.

No matter what standards we set, we know these people will get away exploiting loopholes in the law or by bribing governments officials who supervise the process. Hence, the Government is requested to stop such inhuman practices altogether and ban cow slaughter.