Man the unmanned railway crossings in India..

  5 (Goal: 1,000)

Petitioning: Govt. of India, Indian Railways

Petitioner: Gunvinder started on May 21, 2009

I have been deeply moved by the recent accidents at unmanned railway crossings, where innocent school children have been killed for no fault of theirs. Just yesterday, another accident has left six students dead and many injured at a railway track near Ludhiana. The age of these kids is said to be between 3 years and 13 years. The news channels have been showing the suffering faced by tiny tots injured and wailing with pain in hospitals. This has happened so many times and no action has been taken. Nobody seems to care because it did not happen to them. We cannot be so callous towards our little ones. We must act an act fast.

I believe that Indian Railways and Govt. of India have enough resources to install gates at these crossings. We do not want any more deaths due to such accidents. Also, responsibiliy should be fixed on somebody from Railways or the Govt. for the safe passage of traffic at all railway crossings.

So, this petition is to wake up the Govt. to act fast so that no more innocent lives are lost. I appeal to all people to sign this petition, because it might not have happened to our kids or loved ones, but it could be us next. So, please rise to the ocassion and help save precious lives.