Save Mother Heart NGO

  24 (Goal: 1,000)

Petitioning: Kolkata Muncipal Corporation

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 27, 2009

Kolkata based NGO Mother's Heart has been working for the cause of ill stray animals. On pretext that barking of dogs causes noise pollution Kolkata Municipality has called for a shut-down notice of the NGO. The court has issued a stay order granting Mother's Heart some time to vacate the premises and relocate the dogs to another property they are trying to buy.

The NGO has adopted over 50 stray dogs, thereby not just providing the dogs with food and shelter, but also taking them off the streets. Besides this many dogs are treated on a weekly basis. It would not only be cruel to stray dogs if this NGO is shut-down but also it would be detrimental to city streets where the unattended dogs would roam creating nuisance and may be menace for common people.

The Municipality is requested to reconsider its decision and if they still find a genuine need to close the NGO then at least help the NGO in relocating by providing land/property in areas it desires the NGO to be placed.