Conserve electricity

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Petitioning: Society

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 30, 2009

Global warming, rising electricity bills, increasing hours of load shedding, lack of power of industrial use, etc. should be alarming news for anyone who is least worried about long term achievements of the economy, country and preservation of environment.

They say electricity conserved is electricity generated. This is conservation in its most meaningful sense, acknowledging the responsibility which we all share, to use our natural resources intelligently and prudently, avoiding waste and preserving our deletable assets. The wise and judicious use of electrical energy benefits both you and the country in two direct and distinct ways, viz, it guarantees for the generations to come, a longer period over which our natural energy resources may be extended for our use and convenience, and secondly, it provides you the customer with an ideal opportunity to reduce the cost of energy to you.

The common man is hence, requested to use electricity judiciously and save for a better present and a delightful future. We all can start by monitoring and regulating our usage of ACs, washing machines and dryers, home lightening, microwaves, geysers, etc.