Sold a Fraud Land

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Petitioning: I want to take my mony back from the seller who sold us

Petitioner: Abhay started on February 9, 2016

Dear Sir, I have purchased a plot in my home town(Jaunpur) 6 month's back. I have all the documents with me including registry certificate, Tarmeen,... etc. Few day's back, I have been informed that someone is constructing there home at my plot. I went there to know the exact situation. I found that, the plot was illegally sold to me. I contacted with the seller(Previous owner), He said that, He knows everything that is why he sell it to me. It means, He did fraud with us.
Sir, Me and my family is now very much depressed as we have wasted 14 Lac. Rs. for this plot. Please take necessary action against those Culprits. My contact number is 8800147296. Sir Please help.