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Petitioning: Singareni.Collieries Manuguru Pin: 507117

Petitioner: KUKKALA.SOMALAMMA started on February 3, 2015

Respected Judicious Readers,

I invite your attention to the subject, that which I bring to your kind notice of consideration and inform you that, in our motherland, at manuguru Singareni collieries company Limited in the state of Telangana, Two {2} persons have been working here since long back on fake appointments. [1] Actual name is sri KUDIPUDI SHIVAJI working with impersonation of ANNAM SRINIVAS RAO.[2]
Actual name is sri PECHITI BALAJI working with impersonation of MAMIDISETTI JAGGAYYA.

In this way, continuing with the fake names and have been working in the Singareni Collieries Manuguru Pin: 507117. I have brought it in the form of filed complaints both to the higher Authorities of the Singareni.Collieries Manuguru and also to the Honourable Telangana Chief Minister for so many times earlier. The Government Authorities have investigated and stated that they have been working here with FAKE NAMES, It is with reference to certified memorandum, RC.NO.G/567/2014 Date: 08/10/2014. But No Action has been taken on those two FAKE EMPLOYEES even till to day.
Hence, I sincerely hope that with this E - PETITION, concerned authorities of Singareni Collieries Manuguru ought to respond and react. And I believe that they take appropriate action against the FAKE EMPLOYEES.

Thanking you,

yours truly,

Kukkala Somalamma.