Relocation of Vehicle Entry Tax Booth -KCB- Elphinston Road

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Petitioning: The President,The Chief Executive Officer ,Members, Khadki Cantonment Board

Petitioner: Milind Gawas started on January 15, 2015

Relocation of Vehicle Entry Tax Booth -KCB- Elphinston Road

The President,
The Chief Executive Officer,
The Elected Members,

Khadki Cantonment Board,

Subject : Relocation of Vehicle Entry Tax Booth located at intersection of Elphinston Road-FM Cariappa Rd and On Elphinston Road post

Respected Sirs/Madams,

We the citizens of Pune , who during our daily commute utilize Elphinston Road for to and fro movement from Khadki Cantonment Board using personal and public utility vehicles . During this commute , we experience obstruction for movement by vehicles caused by vehicles stopping to pay vehicle entry tax of Khadki Cantonment Board at following location:
1. On Elphinston Road towards Khadki immediately after New Holkar Bridge (Approach towards Methodist Church) - Khadki bound traffic
2. At intersection of Elphinston Road and FM Cariappa Road - Pune Bound Traffic

Therefore, we request your kind attention to resolve obstruction cause by these booths and vehicle stoppages and relocate them to appropriate location:
Suggested New Location :
1. For Pune bound traffic - Locate just past Military Farm , near New Holkar Bridge
2. For Khadki Bound - a. Create vehicle halting bay post New Water Tank
3. For Old Pune Mumbai Highway Merging - Near Near All Saints School

We request you to solicitation of Defense Establishment Security requirement while addressing concern raised.

Thank you and Regards,

Commuters from:
Pune , Khadki, Pimpri Chinchwad region

Representation made by:
Milind Gawas
Vidyanagar, Pune 411032