Refund amount delayed for months by the B.S.N.L Nellore in A.P

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Petitioning: BSNL Ref: Disconnected Phone No. 086102350499

Petitioner: Sreenivasulu started on February 5, 2015

I have taken a broadband connection with the phone no.0861 2350499 and handed over it to the dept. for safe custody for some time .

After that I have requested the dept. on 12.5.2014 to give broadband connection but they don’t gave the connection till 1.9.2014.I have contact the local office in my area Nellore, complaint to the authorities include with G.M office several times but they did not give the connection.

After that I have met the G.M telephone dist. Nellore and gave a letter and explain the matter and request to disconnect the broadband and handed over the telephone instrument and request to return the deposit paid by me. But they send a cheque for Rs.630.00 instead of Rs.1364.00.I have met the D.G.M and accounts officer and asked the remaining amount of Rs.734.00. they told to me that it will clear with in few days. But I have not received the amount till to day i.e. 21.11.2014.

Then I have lodged a complaint before the lok adalat conducted by the B.S.N.LDept and asked them to give the amount with interest of 18%. They promise in written to settle the matter on or before 15.12.2014. But in vain again I have met the G.M Nellore on 19.12.2014 and explain about the matter and they said to complete the matter with in week. But till today i.e. 31.1.2015I have not received any reply or message from them.

The B.S.N.L Dept. takes long time i.e. 9months to repay the deposit to the subscriber like this manner after lapse of 9 months period. This irresponsibility caused to the subscribers to attract towards to the private telephone operators. This is to the kind information of the chairman B.S.N.L for awareness and for justice to me.

Could you please settle this matter?

Sreenivasulu Vanjivaka,