Please Mercy on them

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Petitioning: People of world

Petitioner: Raaj started on February 5, 2015

Please Mercy on them

“Children smiles”, it’s a very beautiful thing of world. Their “painful tears”, it’s also terrific fear in this world. Nobody wants to disturb their happiness in childhood. But in today's society, they have no parents, guardians and guidance for future in orphan shelters and poor children in slum areas. They have only hungry with pain, they are alone with tears. Some girlish looks moves to the heart, some hungry looks can hurt to our mind. World know what is orphan. But, this world can’t understand how much suffering in orphanage.

If possible, help them or at least talk them like a family person with love. Then they can feel happy and they think that they are not orphan, they have also relations. Every decision is very important in life. Take decision and think about it. You have children, you know how much love to your children and you know also their hungry pain and tears. Every good and bad people are living and doing for food. In poverty world, there are more poor children and poor people living there. If you help them, that mean you are respect to your family, love to your children and servicing to god. Pray for others, help to others, love to all. Plase spread this message to all. God bless you.