Need to Stop Exploitation and Cheating By Ola Cab service

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Petitioning: OLA CAB SERVICE

Petitioner: Sadique started on July 25, 2016

Hi !
This petition is for stopping Exploitation n Cheating By CAB Service in Delhi-NCR.In the Morning time 8.15 to 9.30 ,office time they surge their price and that Many of us requires urgent need of cab for offices or others,They Exploit our need.

ow Ola Cab service introduced Micro category to make customer fool and exploiting peoples need easily.what they do in morning hour or evening their applicatioc shows cabs in Ola micro Category surge pricing due towhich we often books Mini Ola service.but What Ola cab sevice do ...send Ola micro at the name of Ola mini .charges for Ola mini,and at that time due to our urgent need we give in.This is total gundagardi by Ola Cab service.I faced this many times and i think whoever using cab service , faced this same situation.

so i am sending a petition to our transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari ji to stop this .and take strict action against against this OLA CAB SERVICE in DELHI-NCR.

Thanks & Regards
Sadique Anjum