Money Squeezing by Purohits during death funeral

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Petitioning: Why Income tax not charged on Purohits

Petitioner: Partha R started on February 10, 2016

I am a Tamil Brahmin .My father recently expired. The purohit who came charged Rs.8000 for first 2 days besides dakshina of Rs.1000 [Rs.10 bundle]. Then he charged Rs.30000 as fees from 9th day to 13th day [5 days] Apart from these he asked Rs.38000 to give money for danam, kaveri snanams etc. The total came to Rs.68000 wherein we negotaiated and finally he agreed for Rs.40000. So the income for 7 days is Rs.49000/-. This is two f months salary for me. If I work for 55 days I will get this after TDS in office. Whereas theya re going scot free by not giving receipts and telling everybody that they are not getting jobs. He went for one Grihapravesam and came late by one hour on 10th day ritual. So that is the additional income for him. Their annual earnings to my calulation is roughly 12 lakhs wherein no tax are paid. Assume 2 deaths Rs.80000 plus other earnings [homams, marriages, grihapravesam,naming ceremony etc] Rs.20000.
During those sad moments we will not argue and they are taking undue advantage and exploitung the middle class pesonas and not paying the tax.
I propose to claim these expenses in my TDS return and claim refund.Will the IT authorities refund my amount which was deducted as TDS?