Leniency for Class 12 History students who also had Math in Math Board Exam!!

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Petitioning: CBSE (DELHI)

Petitioner: Ashu Bose started on March 23, 2018

Leniency for Class 12 History students who also had Math in Math Board Exam!!

All of you know that this year class 12 students of History and Math had their board examinations back to back.

That is History on 20th March 2018 and then Math on 21st March 2018.

Some may argue that they were provided 2 weeks for preparation but I'm sure every student and teacher realises the significance of the preparation and revision a day before the examination. Moreover, of those 14 days, atleast 2-4 days had to be sacrificed for the sole purpose of history revision.

For many students, those 24 hours makes or breaks one's score especially in the Delhi boards and Universities where they are already at a disadvantage since many seats have been reserved for people out of the state.

I have spoken to many students who have found this to be unfair and believe that the Central Board undermines the subjects and students of humanities.

While humanities students almost always have irregular schedules going for almost over a month, science students have well paced and uniform exam dates.

History and Math are the main subjects for many humanities students. Imagine putting Physics and Chemistry back to back or Accounts and Economics together. Outrageous, is it not?

Students believed they could have done better even if they just had some more time. They are exhausted when they reach home from centres and I and many others find it hard to believe that they would be able to even glance over every chapter properly in math in less than half a day.

Therefore, I request from all of you that we speak FOR the humanities students who had math and who studied it throughout the year to only receive a meagre 7-9 hours a day before the exam day.

We want leniency if not grace marks and moderation for the hard working students who may have succumbed under the pressure and not performed as well as they could and for what they prepared for their math exams.