legalize marijuana (GANJA)

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Petitioning: government of india

Petitioner: Ryan started on September 26, 2017

Strongly criticized now time to legalize marijuana it is one of the most sacred plants on earth that does both gives pleasure and takes pain and why is this illegal? Marijuana is something that is less harmful that tobacco and alcohol and is so much more better in improving one's lifestyle it works as an appetizer it calms you down it stops cancer cells for spreading and many many more. I'll tell you why weed is illegal it's a fraud being played on us from alcohol and tobacco companies giving millions to the government to keep it illegal and I'll tell you why its because consumption of marijuana helps quit cigarettes (personal experience) and more people will start getting high on weed rather than alcohol so the catch here is these multi million dollar companies should not run out of business is the main reason these guys pay money to the government. Bhai kisi reason pe legal nahi karoge? Mahadev ka Prasad hai iss baat pe toh karlo!! From thousands of years marijuana has been with the people it's given them pleasure why do you wanna take that away?? India hazaro saalo se is ko use karte aaraha he in many ways it also helps boost the economy of the country please legalize marijuana its something that hasn't killed even 1 person comparing it to peanuts that kills around 50 people every year basically weed is less harmful than peanuts . IT IS ALSO NON ADDICTIVE AND IT HAS BEEN PROVEN,. FOR MORE INFORMATION CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT (ALL ABOUT MARIJUANA IN INDIA) it's a 14 minute video that's enough to change the way you understand weed sign this petition alcohol and tobacco have made too much money out of this it's time we put a stop to all this share this thank you guys!.!!.