Happy New Year 2018 Fireworks Show Taj Mahal

  25 (Goal: 100,000)

Petitioning: Petition for Iconic HNY 2018 India's Firework Show From The Taj Mahal

Petitioner: Raj Chanian started on January 2, 2017

Happy New Year 2018 Fireworks Show Taj Mahal

With over a 'Billion' residents in India why not collectively join hands and petition for India to stage and present on the worlds media Happy New Year Celebrations from the one of the most 'Romantic and Iconic' places in the World - The Taj Mahal

Please India - ministers, CEOs, ambassadors - join hands, Sponsor and get the Best Pyrotechnics Companies in World to Coordinate the Event
Safely from a safe distance and stage a spectacular event 1 Day in The Year and also raise awareness for the preservation of The Taj Mahal 365 Days a Year

Let's Put India Taj Mahal at the Center of New Years Eve Celebrations
Thanks very much for your support and let's see if we can be equally as spectacular if not better as the following great shows

NewZealand celebrations at Auckland Tower

Australia celebrations at Sydney Harbor Bridge

Taiwan celebrations at Taipei 101

Malaysia celebrations at Kuala Lumpur

Moscow celebrations at Red Square

Dubai celebrations at Bhurj Khalifa

Germany celebrations at Brandenburg Gate Berlin

France celebrations at Eiffel Tower Paris

England celebrations at Westminster Big Ben and London Eye

Scotland celebrations at Edinburgh Castle

Brazil celebrations at Copa Cobana Beach

USA celebrations at Times Square