Fraud Properties / Cheating / Breach of Contract / False

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Petitioning: Avoid Property buyers from unregistered property dealers mainly in Agr. Plots

Petitioner: Zak started on August 2, 2017

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are Doing Good,

I want to raise my Voice against unauthorized property dealers. What is happening specially in Delhi NCR. 3-4 people make an unregistered company - they buy -1-10 Acre land and start selling properties in the form of plots. They sell their properties in Easy EMI. Initially they ask for a booking amounts and then they fix an EMI.
Initially they do an agreement on Rs-10 Stamp Paper. then give Customer a time for 6-12 Months to pay their remaining amount.
And Finally if Customer pays all the Amount then they made an agreement on Stamp paper some time it is registered and most of the time it is not registered.
Now they start cheating/fraud - they never ready for registry, Always they say registry is not open in the court and if some make pressure on them they charged more than triple of Registry Fee.

More than that they make an excuse that this property is not on my name, My partner is holding the registry and told the customer that he is not in the town/ City and give a relief to customer that your property is not going anywhere. In shortly they promised for possession and registry.

After some time they would start saying that their is a conflict among our partners and let it be resolve and you will get possession and registry.
They are playing among them self and customer is suffering and finally customer want to complain to the Police and Police never heard them because every property dealer pays a lot to Police. This is happening in 80% cases with the Delhi NCR mainly Faridabad, Ballabgarh.
Some times if they are unable to pay to Farmer for their land at given time . Farmer re control on his land.
My Case.
I purchased a land of 198 Sq Ft at the rate of 5300/ sqr ft. I Payed 5 Lakh initially and the rest of the money within 6 Months from Fauji Properties in Ballabgarh. The Name of the Property dealer is Mr. Haji Sahab Khan.
I was dealing only with Mr. Sahab Khan not with anyone else .
After Paying 1048400, I ask for registry he told me registry is not open. Once registry will open in the court you will get their registry.
After some time I ask for Possession, he told me wait for some time don't wast your money I will resell it and you will get good amounts.
He started passing time with me - but no possession.
After some time I myself went in Tehsil Ballabgarh and came to know that registry is open over there. I called Mr. Haji Sahab Khan that ragistry is Open and I want my plot to be registered.
He said ok. Next day when I was going to Tehsil a man named Sahabuddin Khan met me on the way. He told me the plot you are going for ragistry is mine and your ragistry will be unauthorized and he forcefully told me that in case you get that ragistry I will not allow you for Possession.
I explain everything to Mr. Sahab Khan he told me that Sahabuddin Khan is my partner and we were three partners in that land and now a days there is a conflict among them regarding full and final. Each of the accusing everyone.
Mr. Sahab Khan told me to wait for some time. And now the wait is too long. which is almost 4 Year.
And finally he told me that neither he has money nor property and his partner start reselling the same land to other and showing their eyes to Customers.
Now no one is listing me . They know everyone at police station.
Now there is nothing in my hand except 50rs Stamp Paper. The only this I can do to go in Coart for that I have to pay again.
1 thing I want to let you know that this is not happening only with me this is happening at least with 100 Customers.
And in Delhi NCR this is a general thinngs.

So let's raise your Voice such type of Fraud / Cheating and save maximum people. Please sign this petition. This can be happen to anyone.

Mohd Jubair