Facilities to Elected Representatives

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Petitioning: Individual

Petitioner: Harish Kumar started on July 14, 2017

WIC : “ Discriminatory, Iniquitous , Legally untenable “
Whispersinthecorridors.com dated July 14,2017
We live in an unequal society, full of disparities,anomalies. Consider Members of Parliament. Supremely arrogant. Their penchant for VIP status, hatred for parity with common man, is well known.They are Law makers; can frame rules for themselves. Austerity is no consideration. Though expected to lead by examples, their life-style is matchless. Have a look at their extravagant lifestyles. Highly subsidised. All at taxpayers cost.

Consider following scales of salaries, perks, privileges, immunity, exemptions,admissible to MPs :

(a) Monthly salary of Rs 50,000;
(b)Free laundry services;
(c) heavily subsidised canteen food @ Rs 30 per thali(Veg) and Rs 90 (non-veg);
(d) Daily allowance @Rs 2000 per day for signing Parl register;
(e) Monthly allowance @Rs 45,000 for constituency work;
(f) Monthly allowance @Rs 45,000 for office expenses (stationary, PA etc );
(g) MPLAD scheme worth Rs 5 crores per annum involving recommending development works to DMs- Rampant corruption, less said the better ; Euphemistically called ATM scheme.
(h) MPs can avail 34 single air journeys during a year with his/her spouse. The MP's spouse/companion can also travel alone eight times in a year to meet the member. The amount is included in 34 journeys;
(i) The MP is entitled to a non-transferable first class AC train pass allowing him/her to travel in any train. The MP is also entitled to one first class and one second class fare each time the MP travels;
(j) Rent-free flat or hostel accommodation; Licence fee for Lutyens bungalow;
(k) An MP can have three landline telephones. One each to be installed at MPs residence and office in Delhi and one at the MP's usual place of residence or any such place selected by the MP;Two mobile phone connections with 3G facilities Total number of free calls on landline and mobile phones is 1,50,000 local calls per year. The 3G data charge is also adjusted within this amount; (l) Age is no bar for MPs.

Conclusions :
MP's cost to country is among the highest. They, along with muftkhor journalists , Parliament staff , security personnel and guests visiting Parliament house, should feel ashamed to ask for subsidized canteen food. Do they come from the Mars ? Though a monthly pay packet of Rs 1.6 lakh might not be enough for an Indian MP, the perks they get can easily dwarf their salaries. MPs also get pensions for life irrespective of years of service.

Why target Senior citizens ?
Against this background, contrast MPs’ concessions with the plight of Senior citizens.
The Railways has appealed to all Senior Citizens to exercise the option of foregoing subsidy on purchase of reserved class tickets.

This reflects Finance ministry’s insensitivity, apathy and unconcern. Funds have not been allocated by MOF for such concessions in the current fiscal .

The concessions, it is threatened, could even be done away with altogether for Senior citizens .

Can the Finance Minister show guts to ask all ministers/ MPs in present political dispensation to forego all kinds of subsidies, a drain on public exchequer ?