Employee Salary Choice Petition ( Want More In hand Salary’??? )

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Petitioning: Do You Believe that you need flexibility on HOW YOUR SALARY IS PAID OUT?

Petitioner: Teamlease Services started on December 5, 2014

Dear Reader,

We sought your support earlier for this petition as an employer and are glad to inform you that this petition has now been submitted to the Ministry of Labour with signatures from 500 employers who chose to join us on this mission. Now it’s time to sign this petition as an employee, if you believe that this choice should be extended to all employees!

India’s labour laws mandate the highest salary deductions among various countries in the world; in a cost-to-company world this can mean an almost 44.31% salary deduction for low wage employees. And contrary to public objectives this is only 5.32% for high wage employees (table shared below). The petition seeks a choice for employees on:-
a) whether to make their 12% employee contribution to Provident Fund or opt out of it,
b) whether to pay their 12% employer contribution to the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) or to an individual account
opened with the National Pension Scheme (NPS), and
c) whether to pay their ESI contribution to the ESI corporation or purchase insurance from any IRDA regulated insurance

Employees should have the right to choose how their salary is disbursed and contributions invested. In an effort to sensitize the government towards the plight of low wage employees and highlight the urgent need to revamp labour laws, we seek your support to send another petition, this time, signed by the workforce of India urging the government to re-look at the laws governing salary payment especially of low wage employees.

Higher in-hand salary and choice of where to invest!

Sign the Petition now and help your friends.