Do Not Rename "University of Pune"

  5,790 (Goal: 10,000)

Petitioning: University of Pune Senate & Maharashtra Government

Petitioner: Students Association Pune started on October 27, 2013

Do Not Rename

The University of Pune Senate and few other people are pressurizing the government to change its name. The new proposed name of university of pune is "Dnyanjyoti Savitribai Phule Vidyapeeth"

Though we respect Savitribai Phule and her contributions to the field of women education, but renaming the university is now showing a way of respect.

University of Pune has a strong brand internationally and with so many amount of already passed out students its to late. The word Pune already gives respect to everyone attached to Pune.

Politicians please do not change the name let it be as it is. Request of all students of University of Pune