Consecutive third chance to appear in JEE Advanced

  5 (Goal: 50)

Petitioning: MHRD, Zonal IITs ,JAB

Petitioner: Gaurav Choudhary started on March 25, 2018

Respectable organizations,
With a very humble request, the body is requested to allow students to appear in JEE Advanced for three consecutive attempts.
With a cut throat competition and that too with only 5000 seats (appx.) in all the courses. It has almost become like a lottery.
It is not unknown to anybody that JEE Advanced is one of the toughest exam in country due to the probability of the selection. Now if a candidate gets ample chance in UPSC exam(Equally tough) then why not in IIT. Earlier with AIEEE students were allowed to appear in JEE advanced even if he or she fails to pass AIEEE. Thus providing atleast two chances.
But now say for some reason a candidate fails to clear JEE Mains in his first attempt he is deprived of JEE advanced . We all know its never sure that if a person securing a rank say 5000 in jee advanced will secure the same rank in JEE advanced .
Thus if a candidate is not allowed to appear in JEE Advanced then he or she should be given a chance in all the attempts of JEE Main if he or she clears the JEE Main exam.
Lets say a candidate securing 7000 rank gets admission in any IIT and the student with 7001 rank is left out. This thing creates a lot of impact on opportunities for both the people.
Now at one side in NEET(equally tough) candidates also get ample chances in comparison to JEE advanced then why not in JEE advanced?
Thus it is a very humble request to the organizations to look and consider this petition and do something for the welfare of students.
It is my humble request to the audience to join this petition by their signatures and join it for a noble cause.