Charging High interest rates by banks, not passing Interest Rate cut by RBI

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Petitioning: Passing the interest rate cut to customers

Petitioner: RAM V started on May 28, 2016

Everyone is aware that RBI cut the key policy rates by 1.5%. But the banks have not passed the benefit. The home loan borrowers have not even got 30% of benefit of rate cuts because of the adamancy of banks. We, being middle class group always work for the gains of others and loosing our hard earned money by paying more interest to these banks. This profit earned through our interest payments is sucked by someone from these banks who enjoys our money, not paying loans and getting benefits in the name of CDR. Banks also a allocate huge funds for NPAs all of which are our hard earned money paid as interest to banks. We keep paying our EMIs promptly and shying way from these issues blaming ourselves that nothing can be done.
I don't know whether this petition helps in grouping people for good cause of reducing high interest rates charged by these banks.
People who took loan in the same branch can come together by sharing their account & contact details and can fight for reduction.
After all, RBI Governor and that too government are also pressurizing banks for rate cuts on behalf of us. Can we wake up?