BDS to be eligible for non clinical medical subjects

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Petitioning: to combat the shortage of medical teachers in non clinical depts through BDS

Petitioner: Aradhana started on February 20, 2018

This petition is of futuristic goal in combating the shortage of doctors in non clinical depts in the upcoming medical colleges and thereby empowering the unemployed BDS degree holders to fill this gap. As we all know in every state the govt is proposing for establishment of new medical colleges to deal with the shortage of doctor and on the other hand due to mushrooming of dental colleges many dental graduates are facing unemployment despite acquiring a masters degree in their field. As the emerging medical colleges are facing shortage of teacing staffs this problem can be resolved by allowing dental graduates for post graduation in non clicnicals and para clincal subjects. We all know that first three years of curriculum is same for both bds and mbbs. Hence this can be a great help to both the fraternities i.e. medical and dental, in which one is just a part of another.