Allow US Citizen of Indian Origin to Participate in State / National Tournaments

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Petitioning: Government of India

Petitioner: Ajay Singh started on February 9, 2015

For parents who have decided to relocate from US and other countries so their children can get exposed to Indian culture and education, here is a rude shock - if your child is not an Indian citizen, he / she cannot take part in any State or National tournaments, even through the school. They are restricted to only inter and intra school tournaments, however good they are.

More so, they are not eligible to apply to IIT and government sponsored education institutions unless they apply in the foreigner quota.

I believe this is very unfair, as our children have a right to compete and participate in India tournaments and institutions just as any other resident of the country. They are persons of Indian origin, and also potentially carry a PIO/ OCI card.

I am requesting the government of India to reconsider this rule of allowing only Indian citizens to take part in tournaments and competitions. This should be open to all Indian residents, including citizens of other countries.

Please sign the petition and share it among your friends and relatives who are in a similar situation.