Against corruption and corrupted employs

  10 (Goal: 100,000)

Petitioning: state govt . of telangana employs , corruption and irregular to their duties

Petitioner: Venugopal Naredla started on February 22, 2015

govt. employs not attending their duties properly, govt . schools are bane to the poor students, these schools are spoiling life of poor students but govt schools are boon to the teachers. govt is wasting crores of Rupees on education but result is zero. BAN THE GOVT.schools and convert them in to residential schools. All govt. schools are centers for production of UNLUCKY,luckless and unfortunate a batch of pupils. their luck is stolen by govt. teachers. but govt. school are lucrative centers to govt. teachers. take action against them help of pratham reader. I requesting to our beloved CM 1) In every Govt. office and Govt. educational institution, display the name of employs, designation , pay scale and salary, total number of staff members , if ti is a educational institution please student strength class wise and non teaching staff. 2) attach the properties all people to the AADHAR CARD ( lands, plots, flats , individual houses and all kinds of vehicles) 3) presently we don't know who is govt. employ and not, there fore attach all state govt. employs to AADHAR CARD 4) arrange CC cameras in all petrol pumps of the state and issue computerized bill on the vehicle number and how much petrol is consuming by a vehicle per month.5)display a list of Govt. offices in a village at every gram panchayath office .6) display monthly salary commitment to Govt. at every every govt. office, school , colleges and any other organization.

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