A last chance for CGL

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Petitioning: Please count the age from January for the last time

Petitioner: Sidsinger started on March 4, 2017

Respected Sir or Madam

My name is Ravi Singh and my DOB is 12th Feb 1987. From this year, CGL increases the age limit of some posts but the eligibility of DOB counts from june not from January as before. So, my chance is over if its going to be count from June. Since some posts are added in the 30 year list from this year only, so, i should be given at least one last chance for all these posts. Now my all hope is over as my age is over for all the jobs whether its private or the Government one. We can get a final and a precious chance if the date of Eligibility counts from January. Please Sir, help me and many students like me.

Thank You