Why political parties exempt from tax for depositing old notes

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Petitioning: Central Govt.

Petitioner: Biju Maani started on December 17, 2016

When the whole country is under cash crises due to the Central govt. demonetisation, Govt. has decided to exempt the political parties for paying tax for the deposits of old notes. This is pure discrimination of justice . When the Govt. says the demotinisation movement is to make sure all black money holders are no more hiding and they have to put the black money back to the banking system. And when they do so, they are penalized by tax. So if a common man in India deposit his money back in his bank account and if that was not part of taxable income, then he has to pay tax. Then why not the political parties? As a common man, we feel like the politicians in our country is making law that favor the politicians. We need a system to control the law outside the political representatives. Though the politicians are elected by people, most of the time they dont stand for the people. We need a system, each and every law in this country to be approved by the individual common man. Each change in the law has to go through a public voting system across the nation. If the majority of citizens vote for the new amendments or new law, then that become the law. If majority of individual decide not to support any movement of central or state govt, then the govt have to revoke the move at immediate effect. Let the power resides in individual citizen of India. Letting politicians deciding the faith of this country is no more acceptable. Let the public service work in favor of public. Not in favor of any political party or political leader or politician.