Ban Surrogate Advertisements of Tobacco and Liquor

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Petitioning: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Petitioner: India Petition started on March 21, 2012

Ban Surrogate Advertisements of Tobacco and Liquor

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Advertisements have a strong influence on our life and surrogate advertisements of tobacco and liquor products are not actually promoting use of such products but causing a severe damage of public's health.

We are hearing statements like surrogate advertisements are now banned and cant be used to promote products behind a product. But the fact is they are more prominent and increasing day by day. Especially the GUTKHA, they have now taken over radio, TV, games, sign boards, wall writings etc etc and well spread every where.

No matter weather a cricket series is played in India or overseas, you can easily spot boards of KAMLA PASAND, CHAINI CHANI etc. Now they have become main sponsored of such events.

A recent example of CB Series, 2012 in Australia, due to ads of CHAINI CHAINI (basically a kind of tobacco, named KHAINI) ICC was asked to remove such boards, simply because advertising such products is banned there.

Some of the surrogate advertisements, which include following brands:

- Chaini Chaini (Tobacco)
- Kamla Pasand (Gutkha - Tobacco)
- Vimal Pan Masala (Gutkha - Tobacco)
- Baba (Tobacco)
- Haywards (Liquor)
- Iice (Liquor)
- Bagpiper (Liquor)
- Blenders Pride (Liquor) etc etc

are very prominent these days, some of them advertising Ilaichi, mouth freshener, soda water and most of liquor brands advertise music CDs.

We request from Government to immediately STOP these ads, as they have caused enough damage with increasing numbers of oral cancer and lung cancer patients with the highest rate in whole world.

Why Government opt for dual policy by banning smoking in public and allowing these ads every where.


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