Commonwealth Games - Government is playing with common mans wealth

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Petitioning: Central and Delhi Government

Petitioner: India Petition started on July 28, 2010

Commonwealth Games - Government is playing with common mans wealth

Commonwealth Games - A wastage of money of common mans hard earned money.

They have spent crores of rupees building stadiums, buildings, beautification of central delhi but at what cost? Do we get free access to those buildings and stadiums for cycling and swimming - never, government is wasting our income tax for some silly games, which I am sure is going to be biggest mess on Indian sports history.

We earn and pay tax for development of services for our use but you may see the results where common man lives. All development is being carried out in central NDMC area where politicians and big fellow lives and as soon as you go out of NDMC boundary the real chaoice begines.

The worst mess is old delhi area around Delhi Railway station, one must have a real courage if they want to catch a train from Old Delhi station.

We make reaponsible Delhi Chief Minister and Central Government for planning and well executing this biggest mess.

They did it with BRT and now doing with Commonwealth Games.