Sharad Power is Responsible for Price Hike

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Petitioning: Prime Minister & Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar

Petitioner: India Petition started on January 20, 2010

Sharad Power is Responsible for Price Hike


Are Sharad Power’s irrelevant statements responsible for recent past price increase for all food items?

Everyone feels “Yes”. He should control his voice and in-fact his ministry more. He is Agriculture minister of India including food & supply with consumer affairs but did he do anything in recent past to control on increasing prices? The answers is simple “No”, a highly capable ministry is bleeding due to lack of co-ordination between departments resulting an unlimited burden in middle class mans kitty.

I have never seen this much incapable and helpless congress government in my life over their coalition parties. All seems trying to control situation with their statements and physically doing nothing to fulfill those promises which they made before elections.

Today’s statement on shortage of MILK in northern India part and proposing price hike is highly unprofessional. Instead of giving statement on how to control prices and control over JAMAKHOR’s (stockists) he seems more like acting as an agent of multi national companies.

I request everybody to come forward and call for his termination with immediate effect and allow him to manage BCCI job effectively.