We Support Movie 'Padmavati'

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Petitioning: Supporting movie 'Padmavati' and we want film to release soon.

Petitioner: Kushkunj Arora started on November 28, 2017

We Support Movie 'Padmavati'

We support Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Film Padmavati to protect the right to freedom of expression of creative individuals.

We live in a democratic country and here everyone has aa right to express themselves and to make a film on history it was not easy and Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has already made it very clear by releasing a video that it is a tribute to Padmavati and no obscene scenes are there. Then why is there a protest ?

“We strongly protest against the non-institutional bodies who every now and then protest against movies and threaten actors and makers of films. We will keep condemning their actions in a democratic manner. We have faith in our Prime Minister...for justice to ‘Padmavati’,” - Ashoke Pandit of IFTDA

We want movie to release soon and have our Azadi in Azad India.

I hereby sign this petition and declares that I am supporting Movie Padmavati.