Smoking on Screen

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Petitioning: Actors

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 8, 2009

Smoking on Screen

Many a times than not we've seen children starting to smoke at a very young age. It is impossible to find an average college where a significant number of the students do not smoke. Also the casual attitude towards smoking is dangerous in promoting it without being considered a taboo.

Terms like 'social smoking' have come up only recently to justify the habit and hide behind it. A lot many times the cause of this casual attitude is in the childhood. Many children take cues from the peers on screens. Actors are requested to not only refrain from smoking on the screen, but also indulge in propaganda against it.

We cannot afford to have a whole generation growing up doing active/passive smoking. It will be putting the whole generation into grave dangers by the time they are adults a few years down the line. Actors should participate in anti-smoking campaign by requesting the children to abstain from smoking.