A Wednesday Soundtrack Copied

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Petitioning: Sanjoy Choudhary

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 8, 2009

The software FL Studio provides some demo tracks for, well demonstration of the softwares capabilities. Various sounds coming from different instruments can be separated into individual tracks using the software. 'Aren't you clever' is the name of the demo from which, Salil Choudhury's son Sanjoy, the soundtrack of 'A Wednesday' was made, or should I say ripped off directly. Only the vocals were separated and new vocals added, while keeping the whole composition intact. This is shame for a budding artist to directly copy the entire composition and pass it off as his own, without giving due credits to the original composer or software in this case.

We appeal bollywood artists to have a little bit higher ethical standards, while copying or 'taking inspiration' as they like to call it.